Good day, and greeting to the world of Intrigue Designers. For your marketing strategy, we offer a variety of services that represent your brand in a glamorous way in front of the consumer, including low-cost log design and budget-friendly choices

We gather all relevant information from customers in order to create custom software development solutions that suit their needs. Using distributed and massively parallel Big Data and Stream processing solutions, as well as high-performance GPU-accelerated computing principles, our Intrigue Data Science group focuses on solving problems and uncovering hidden patterns in structured and unstructured data.

This is our entire concept for your business: polish it and show it to the audience in a vibrant way that will carry or draw more customers.

Our Intrigue team Internet of Things division focuses on the design and implementation of large-scale Internet of Things public and commercial projects, such as smart cities, smart buildings, industrial tracking, telemetric, sensors, parking and traffic solutions.

Our design of the user experience (UX) experts have a keen eye for the needs of end users. We value software that is not only functional but also beautiful and simple to use. Graphic designers work in our UI/UX Design department, and our programmers and reviewers are also trained in design.

Evaluation of software quality with the aim of identifying and correcting flaws. We ensure that desires continue to be met and that the system continues to operate as defined in the first step, according to the service level agreement.

Our Intrigue software developers are specialists who provide clients with new and creative ideas. Thanks to our Software developer’s services, we have a fascinating history of customer reviews and a promising future ahead of us.


                                             Software we develop
•  Web applications
•  Mobile Apps
•  Cloud Applications
•  Desktop Applications
•  Libraries

                                            Technologies We Used
Back End:
Microsoft.Net Java Python Node Js PHP C++ C#

Front End:
HTML 5 CSS JS Angular Knockout

iOS Android Xamarin

C++ Python SWIFT Microsoft WPF

Data Base:
Microsoft SQL Server MY SQL Oracle Mongo DB

Big Data:
Amazon Mongo Db Spark

Software Development

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