This policy (the “Privacy Statement”) is intended to notify you of our policies and practices with respect to the collection, use, and dissemination of any personal information we collect about you as a result of use of our website, merchandise, or services. Private details refers to data about you that can be used to identify you, such as your username, address, e-mail address, contact information, and other non-public information linked to the above.
We pay careful attention towards how Personal Information is collected, utilized, and exchanged, and we do so responsibly. We will not market your personal details to a third party, but we may share it with them if we believe they can best serve your consulting or service request.

What kind of data do we collect?

We’ll use the data you give us.
The personal information you are asked to give, as well as the reasons for doing so, will be clearly stated to you at the time you are asked to provide your confidential information.
We use the Private Data we collect from you to find more about our current and future customers. This data is used to better customize the products and services we provide, as well as to contact you from time to time with details regarding our or third-party services and products.

By contacting us, you may

Willingly provide the personal Data; Name, mailing address, Web address, telephone number, e-mail address, and information found in any e-mail or other message you send to us or information you provide to us in any other way are examples of Personal Data we collect.
We can obtain detailed information about you if you approach us directly, such as your name, email address, phone number, ip address, the content of any message and/or attachments you send us, and any other information you want to give. When you view an email from us, we can receive an email confirmation.

As a result of your use of our Services, we gather information about you.

We will gather data on how you use our services and what services you use. The following information is included in this file:

  • A log should be kept with all the information.
  • When you use our services or display content, we will automatically capture and store the information in server logs. This could involve things like
  • We obtain additional personal information from other sources such as the telephone or telefax, which can provide us with Personal Information about you. We can combine this information with other data we have about you in order to improve the solutions and services we offer.

How your personal data is used by us

We use the information we gather for a variety of purposes, including to: provide, manage, and sustain our Services; improve, extend, and personalize our Services; and improve, expand, and personalize our Services.

  • Create and roll out new goods, programs, features, and functions
  • Recognize and evaluate how you use our Services
  • Deal with your transactions
  • Detect and avoid fraud
  • We can communicate with you directly or from one of our affiliates for a variety of reasons, including marketing, customer service, and providing you with updates or other details about the Service.
  • As may be needed by applicable laws and regulations, or as ordered by any judicial process or regulatory body, for enforcement purposes, including upholding our Terms of Service and other legal rights.

Security of Your Data

To keep your Private Information secure, we take appropriate precautions. Technical errors are still possible. We, like no other business, can completely remove the security risks associated with Private data.
We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information and records. We use a variety of security measures and technologies to protect against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of information. Please keep in mind that there is no way to guarantee that the Internet is completely free. However, when handling your personal information, we seek to have a level of protection that can cover the potential risks.

Cookies and hidden identifiers

When you visit our service, we use a variety of technologies to capture and store information, which may involve sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your computer.

Your Incentives and Rights

Cookies are being blocked.
You may use your browser’s settings to delete or block such cookies, but doing so can cause the Offerings to stop working properly.

Third Party Platforms

We can gather data about you when you engage with us on any online social media networks whereby we retain official profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and many others (throughout the way of likes, comments, follows, subscriptions, tweets, messages, or other similar cases).
It is possible that data such as your social media profile ID, name, and other publicly accessible information on your social media profile will be obtained.

Other Information

Many publicly accessible data about you can be collected by our sales teams from online sources. We do it after you’ve approached us, either directly through one of our websites or applications, or indirectly through one of our partner/affiliate channels, to complement our context information about you so that we can provide you with appropriate solutions that meet your service requirements. It is possible that data such as your social media profile ID, name, and other publicly accessible information on your social media profile will be obtained.


If you have any issues or queries about this Privacy Statement, please feel free to Contact Us using the following information: