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Website Development

We are a leading custom web development company with many years experience in server and client side development. In addition to remain updated with latest technologies, our expert teams have strong grip on HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 JavaScript, jQuery, JSon, and AJAX in client side technologies. They also have in-depth knowledge of MySQL, PHP, Web Services, Apache, Windows Server, Linux and Cloud Computing.

After understanding user requirements completely, they produce applications which actually work smoothly for your benefit. Give your business boost with our future oriented, attractive, flawless, easy to use web development. Our clients refer our services to others as well. Prime quality is our first priority but we take high care of cost as well. This makes a double treat for all clients. We address all your needs with our high skills and knowledge.


Intrigue Designers provide you the Custom / Core PHP Development services that serves various numbers of global firm for its client. We are generating the customer satisfaction to give the powerful PHP i.e. server side script program which build up the interactive and dynamic website. Our services are related to integrative, high standard and quantifiable techniques. That offers the perfect platform and give the modernize website stuff.

Custom / Core PHP Development helps you to create the high quality experience to customers. You can feel the smoothness and flexibility in website. The php programming is really one of the most demanded methods to get the full featured website. You can create the web page with Intrigue Designers for your business perspectives. This script language was traditionally called personal home pages but currently known as the hypertext preprocessor.

Custom / Core PHP Development is becoming the best one in the web development field.

Intrigue Designers give you the benefits through the Custom / Core PHP Development like:

  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Free from limitations
  • User friendly website
  • Low cost
  • Safe and secure syntax
  • Advanced website
  • Developers support


Our approach to all our projects, big or small, is to build a website that serves your business – beyond brochure ware. We build websites by focusing intensely on the basic building blocks of web design and development and getting them right.

  • Vibrant Custom Web Designs: Creating vibrant, thematically styled custom web designs that are highly usable and are future proof.
  • Clean HTML Code: Building websites with Clean W3C standard compliant code, which are clean and compact.
  • Fast Loading WebPages: Using fast loading and accessible CSS Driven table less design layout.
  • Browser Compatibility: When defined standards are used with valid code you future-proof your website by reducing the risk of web browsers not being able to understand the code you have used.
  • Fast Loading Web Pages: Less HTML results in smaller file sizes and quicker downloads. Modern web browsers render WebPages faster with standardized code.
  • Better Accessibility: Semantic HTML, where structure is separated from presentation, makes it easier for screen readers and alternative browsing devices to interpret the content. This in turn ensures that people with visual disabilities can access the content on your site just as able-bodied people can./li>
  • Search Engine Friendly: Search engine friendly website architecture to assist SEO activity in the future.
  • Better Search Engine Rankings: The separation of content and presentation makes the content represent a larger part of the total file size. Combined with semantic markup this makes it easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo to index your page, and provide more accurate search results determined by the actual content on the page. Google and Yahoo both reward websites that are built using structural and semantic markup.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost: Since the code is standard compliant and structured it is simpler and easier to maintain, thus providing added benefits in terms of lower maintenance cost.
At Intrigue Designers we go much beyond building visually pleasing websites. The websites we build features correct balance and fusion of creativity with functionality so that they stand the test of time.


We don’t just build your website and walk away.

We offer an unrivalled and comprehensive service from the earliest planning stages of a build through to day-to-day maintenance and updates. So no matter if you’re big or small, we can flex to meet your needs and budget.

A good corporate website combines content and design to communicate a company’s key messages and reinforce the corporate brand. It shouldn’t just meet the audience’s needs – though of course that’s important – it should tell your story as well.

We’ve been creating websites with compelling content and stunning design for more than a decade. And remember, when we talk about content, it’s not just words. From creating top notch VIDEO CONTENT to cutting-edge DATA VISUALISATION, we can help bring your site to life.

We offer everything you’ll need to create an Exceptional Corporate Website:

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Content Production
  • Creative Design Concepts
  • Site Building Documents
  • Quality Check


Responsive website uses advanced programming technology to create a “responsive” viewing experience. A responsive website looks and works just as well on any mobile devices (iPhone, Android phones, etc.) as it does on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

Responsive web design is the combination of the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which helps the web designers and web developers to build world class websites and web applications that is consistent across all browsers and mobile devices.

Responsive web design serves all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device.

Here in Intrigue Designers, we follow a well-defined development methodology to develop our partner’s websites with our core experience in responsive web deign development. Our web desingers and web developers have deeper knowledge and passionate to develop responsive web sites that meets all the responsive web standards.

HTML5 is one of the preferredtechnologies for mobile apps development that is suitable for different browsers as well as mobile devices. It is a perfect cross platform technology. HTML5 exhibits many features and global standards. We deploy our capabilities in HTML5 and CSS3 at the maximum level to represent high-standard responsive web solutions.

Here in Intrigue Designers we actually recommend responsive web design to all of our clients.

    Resonsive Web Desing Benefits

  • Reduced Development Cost
  • Faster and Smoother User Experience
  • Quality Appearance
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Increase your Conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization Benefits

    Our Responsive Web Design Services

  • Developing responsive websites
  • Testing websites across all browsers and mobile devices
  • Converting current web site to a responsive site
  • Developing highly structured and organized sites


Intrigue Designers offers custom Wordpress websites which are crisp, organized and search-engine friendly. We make it simple for you to use the power of blogging to demonstrate your expertise and service.

It's an important part of your great website along with the visual appeal that creates customer interest, the easy navigation that keeps prospective customers navigating further, and the effectiveness of web technology that helps you keep track and convert visitors into customers.

Wordprress custom remaking means for developing a application that has been developed and designed for a specific function/need. While all data source integration freelancing is officially customized, the difference is that packed programs were developed with a common set of functions to be used by a wide range of customers. Custom data source integration is able to produce essentially any function you may desire for your website. Money are almost the only restricting aspects.

The Custom Program Growth procedure normally contains, but is not restricted to:

  • Comprehensive and specific research of the company needs
  • Preparation of style specifications
  • Initial style concept
  • Programming
  • Testing/Validation
  • Client assistance (Training & assistance content provided)
  • Ongoing development and maintenance


A great ecommerce website is all about - the visual appeal that creates customer interest, the easy navigation that keeps prospective customers navigating further, and the effectiveness of web technology that helps you keep track and garner more sales.

At Intrigue Designers, we deliver you all that and more. Our website development services give you the very best – from design to functionality, from navigation to formatting, and from content to graphics - on every page.

Intrigue Designers Creative Marketing has all the expertise and experience necessary to design a crisp, clean and search-engine friendly E-commerce website for you and give you a great kick start in the boundryless world of web.

Whether you're thinking of starting a small online shop or want to have a fully-featured E-commerce website to organize everything from payments to fulfillment and more, NinetyTwo has the powerful yet affordable solutions you need.

    Our eCommerce web Development Services:

    Imparting convenient eCommerce web solutions is our forte. Our endeavors are directed to devise simple, impressive yet versatile e-stores. Our approach is to serve you with a fully-functional shopping cart system which could conveniently implement into your eCommerce website. To list down our services, we would like to include the following:

  • Auctions website application development
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Custom shopping cart development
  • Amazon marketplaces
  • Custom development, configuration and installation of shopping cart software
  • Customization of existing e-commerce site
  • E-commerce web portals & application development
  • Integration of third party e-commerce applications

    We provide creative, powerful, and effective E-commerce solutions

  • Magento Development
  • Joomla
  • Drupal Development
  • OsCommerce / CRE Loaded
  • Big Commerce
  • Zen Cart
  • X-Cart

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